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How Generative AI Will Transform Cybersecurity

Microsoft last week announced that, just as it did with .NET years ago, it will be putting generative AI into everything, including security. Back in the .NET days, I joked that Microsoft was so over the top with .Net that the bathrooms were renamed

EV Lessons Learned From 4 Years as a Jaguar I-Pace Owner

Last week I said goodbye to my 2019 Jaguar I-Pace electric car, and it is with mixed emotions I write this column as a result. On the positive side, I enjoyed this car more than any other car I’ve driven, and I’ve driven many cars, including exotics. But the death...

Trades GPT5 Global open challenge

TradesGPT5 can pick trading pairs in stock, fx, or crypto better than hedge fund managers,” says Blomberg. So for the sake of transparency, we gave TradesGPT5 a real $100,000 of our own money to manage and are sharing the results here with our login:...